Many people are unaware that several stress, mental and physical issues are sleep-related. The brain is wired to get its quota of rest and repair everyday but when it gets signals from tired body parts like back on muscle joint it stays away resulting in poor sleep which leads to next de stress.

Our premium mattresses are crafted for those who seek to enhance their lifestyle starting with sound sleep and relief from back related issues. The superior materials used land a plush and rich feel, after all these mattresses are routine essential to your daily elevated routine


Importance of Mattress and Proper Sleep

A perfect mattress is important for a perfect sleep. Below are some points that tells you why a proper sleep is important: 

1.) Sleep reduces stress: When body functions are on high alert it becomes harder to sleep peacefully. Deep sleep relaxation techniques ensure stress free mind and body.

2.) Sleep keeps the heart healthy: Lack of sleep is associated with blood pressure and cholesterol build up. 7 to 9 hours of deep sleep keep the heart at a relaxed pace.

3.) Sleep makes you more alert: With Deep and sound sleep the body and mind get rejuvenated and stay fresh the entire working days

4.) Sleep helps reduce obesity: lack of sleep disrupts hormones like ghrelin and leptin which regulate appetite. A good night’s sleep stabilizes body and sleep functions and helps reducing weight.

5.) Sleep reduces risk of depression: lack of sleep impact stability of chemicals like serotonin which could lead to depression. the right amount of sleep reduces this risk.

6.) Sleep bolsters memory: the brain processes your day’s activity when the body is sleeping. Deep sound sleep allows your brain to make memories and links to process things better.

7.) Sleep reduces inflammation : Lack of sleep increases stress hormones raising the level of inflammation leading to body deterioration. Sleep slows the process tremendously.

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