Work Stages

1.) Meeting With Client

As a first step we undertake personal meeting & discussion to comprehend client’s requirements, taste, likings, timelines and tentative budgeted figure. In such meetings we try to het to know the exact requirement of the client and the appropriate product is selected on that basis. The observations are recorded and shared with the client for evaluation.

2.) Visit At Client's Property

After the first step our expert technicians visits the client’s property for getting the exact measurment for the fabrics. The initial planning begins at this moment and the base plan for furnishing is prepared at this stage.

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3.) Getting The Product Ready

Once the base plan and all the discussion is finalized the next step is to getting the product ready for the client. The patterns and designs are prepared at this stage and the final product is prepared for approval.

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4.) Final Execution

Once the deal is finalized the final product is installed at the client’s property. A team of highly experienced and skilled individuals begin the installation process efficiently. The work is executed in a hustlefree manner where the client need not to worry about anything. Once the work is done we take the approval and feedback from the client. We make sure that our client is satisfied with the work.

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