Upholstery is the material which is used to make the soft coverings of sofas chairs and other furniture. Upholstery is usually made up of fabric padding webbing and springs.

Over the years a wide range of materials have been used to make a upholstery. Earlier people used to make upholstery from hay to horse hair to wool. In modern Times various new upholstery materials have come into use these materials includes metal springs and form for greater durability. Different fabric with high quality designs is used for the outer covering of furniture. The outer covering can always be changed.


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Choosing the right upholstery fabrics for a new sofa or chair is an expensive affair. Once it’s purchased it can’t be undone so you need to be very specific while choosing the correct upholstery for your furnitures. One mistake while choosing the colour or pattern and the whole room suffers. Goodluck Furnishing is here to help you in making the correct choice. Visit our store to get correct assistance from our highly experienced team.

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